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Villa Capri main entrance Villa Capri Villa Capri Hallway Villa Capri from driveway
Terrace of Apartment 9 Secluded Bay Local Beauty Spot - Daddyhole Plain Villa Capri from Daddyhole Road
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Architect designed and skillfully converted into delightful self-contained and fully equipped apartments. Villa Capri offers luxury and space without a heavy bill. Better than a hotel, with your own suite of rooms that includes a separate kitchen and bathroom, giving complete privacy.

If you have never tried a self-catering holiday before, we are sure you will enjoy the freedom from adherence to a strict timetable.

Catering for yourself might just mean breakfast (whenever YOU want it), eating out at any of the many restaurants, pubs or cafes on offer around Torbay, or simply bringing back your own "takeaway", putting your feet up and enjoying your meal in the privacy of your own apartment.


Villa Capri landscaped garden Villa Capri very sunny garden Torquay Harbour Meadfoot Beach